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Valentina Sofia


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"white lips, pale face."


Say Goodbye || Mini Self Para.

It was a Saturday morning and there she was dressed up, eight inch heels. This season chanel around her wrist and on her ears topped off with a blue dress. The sun was shining and something about this place was just something she wanted to stay away from for now. As her suitcases piled up in one car and the other waiting for her to get in, she looked back at the school that she called her home away from home. It all seemed so silly now, every fight she had there, every prom, every friend and every boy that ever broke her heart. It was all a thing of the past. Putting her black sunglasses on she shrugged and headed straight for the car. Where was she going? She didn’t know. All she knew was it could only go up from here. She truly felt that she had left her legacy in the Royal Institute.

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text: heard you were back at RI. Just as you get back, I have to leave. figures. Everything go ok in NY? I'll be back soon, kind of commuting between RI and Monaco right now. Miss you. Catch up soon? xVen

Yea, it sucks right? New York was..whatever. Too big for me. What’s got you in Monaco? Miss you too. Yea we’ll catch up soon! X

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Aw I’m sorry, babe. At least you’re back now.


Don’t be sorry, there’s no place I’d rather be than with my girls! So, what’s the hot goss?

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How was New York?


Bad experience, stupid idea me and my mami thought off. Usually ends the same way, right? 

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#thnx bby!

Flesh Tone
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Kelis - Brave

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"Yeah, you’ve been MIA."


Hey I’m still a little jetlagged. New York is a long ass trip!

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"Seems like I’ve been asleep the past week."

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